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Ways to Donate

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships offer financial support, resources, or assistance in return for acknowledgment. These partnerships come in diverse forms, and the advantages are mutually beneficial. They can be either one-time occurrences or recurring funding arrangements for specific programming.

Employee Giving

Contributions through employee giving, matching gifts, workplace fundraisers, and participation in federal, state, or local campaigns provide excellent avenues to support rescue personnel and their families within your workplace.

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Host a Fundraiser

Host a Third-Party Fundraiser. TOMLF is incredibly grateful to the individuals who organize and participate in fundraising events that benefit us. Get involved, sign up for an event or organize your own.

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In-Kind Donations

In-kind contributions come in diverse forms, encompassing tangible items such as equipment, supplies, or food, as well as intangible services like professional expertise, volunteer hours, or complimentary facility usage. These donations serve as invaluable assets not only for the success of our fundraising events but, more significantly, to provide crucial support to our warriors in times of need.

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Monthly Donation

Elevate your commitment to Rescue warriors by joining us in creating enduring impact. Contribute to fostering a lasting sense of commitment and engagement through the convenience of automated monthly donations, experiencing the satisfaction of making a sustained and meaningful impact on a cause dear to us.

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