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That Others May Live Foundation (TOMLF) ensures full financial assistance for post-secondary scholarships for any child who loses a parent while participating in a United States Air Force Combat Rescue operational or training mission. TOMLF guarantees the full cost of post-secondary education, including:

  • Tuition and fees 

  • Room and board 

  • Books, tutoring, and supplies 

  • Computer and printer 

  • Transportation  

  • Personal allowances

Our guaranteed scholarships are grants, not loans.  TOMLF Children of Fallen Warriors Scholarships can be utilized for private universities, state or community colleges, vocational/technical training, and career institutions.

As of 2023, TOMLF has disbursed over $500,000 in scholarship funds through the Children of Fallen Warriors Scholarship Program. 

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The Jolly Green Merit Scholarship is awarded annually in recognition of outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements, spanning areas such as athletics, student government, and community service. Each year, multiple scholarships, with awards reaching up to $3,500.00 per recipient, are granted to exemplary candidates. Past applicants remain eligible to apply in subsequent years.

In 2019, TOMLF was privileged to be chosen by the Jolly Green Association to oversee their legacy scholarship program. This initiative extends merit-based educational grants to the children and grandchildren of current or former U.S. Air Force air rescue personnel. For additional details on eligibility for this scholarship, please reach out to us at

2024 Jolly Green Merit Scholarship application window NOW open!
Deadline to submit is Tuesday, April 30th by 5:00pm (PDT).
Winners will be notified mid-May 2024.
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