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The Emblem of the Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service


On a field of blue, a beam of light yellow, extending throughout the shield in a vertical position, thereover an angel, proper, robed red, wings white, clasping a sphere azure, longitude and latitude lines yellow.


"That Others May Live"


The angel holding the globe is emblematic of protection and rescue from danger.  The red robe is significant of the valor with which the Air Rescue Service (later the Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service) carries on its humanitarian mission.  The blue shield is indicative of the sky, which is the field of operation, and the golden light represents a ray of hope for those in need of the Air Rescue Service.


On a shield azure, a beam of light, issuing from the chief, throughout in pale, surmounted by an angel, proper, cringed or wings expanded argent, robe, gules, clasping in her arms a globe azure, with longitude and latitude lines.

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