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Warfighter Support

United States Air Force Combat Rescue forces are deployed worldwide, putting their lives at risk to rescue and save others. When not deployed, they are consistently training to ensure readiness for stressful combat and hazardous environments.

Since September 11, 2001, USAF Combat Rescue forces have maintained a rigorous deployment schedule, supporting missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Africa. In addition to deployed operations, these forces must continue their demanding training and exercise support to maintain and hone their skills for combat operations and train new warriors, preparing them for combat. The continuous deployment rate, combined with a demanding training schedule, remains a challenge for airmen at every level. Despite the ongoing stress of combat operations and demanding training missions, our Rescue warriors continue to save lives and exceed expectations at every turn.

TOMLF Warfighter Support provides funds for Rescue unit family day outings designed to build unit camaraderie and mission focus. TOMLF also sponsors the annual Air Rescue Ball and Rescue Squadron of the Year Award, aiming to recognize our warfighters, foster a sense of community and support, and celebrate the rescue community's mission heritage and accomplishments.

TOMLF Warfighter Support Program focuses on three (3) key efforts directly impacting USAF Combat Search and Rescue mission effectiveness:

1. Direct support to deployed personnel.

2. Financial assistance to members and families experiencing hardship.

3. Squadron morale support.

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