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Ambassador Program

TOMLF Ambassadors play a crucial role in advancing our mission and cultivating a robust, supportive community for our Rescue Heroes and their families worldwide. Devoted to our organization's mission, goals, and values, they selflessly dedicate their time, attend events, and actively promote TOMLF.

Our Ambassadors are pivotal in establishing meaningful connections with donors and supporters, leveraging various avenues such as social media, networking, public speaking engagements, and creating impactful blog posts. More specifically, TOMLF Ambassadors are active in the following areas:

  1. Unit Liaison: Proactively serves as a link or intermediary between unit leadership and TOMLF, ensuring the availability of effective communication and coordination of services for Rescue personnel in need.

  2. Public Speaking: Share our mission with diverse groups and communities.

  3. Social Media Advocacy: Act as social media ambassadors, regularly posting messages.

  4. Event Representation: Volunteer to represent the organization at various events.

  5. Guest Invitations: Extend invitations to guests for upcoming events.

  6. Reception Hosting: Create opportunities to share our story by hosting receptions.

  7. Executive Engagements: Accompany executive staff at events involving elected officials.

  8. Lunch Presentations: Organize brown bag lunch sessions at the workplace, featuring staff presentations.

In each of these capacities, TOMLF Ambassadors not only propel our organization forward but also contribute significantly to building a resilient and compassionate global community for our Rescue Heroes and their families.


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