That Others May Live Foundation Board of Directors

Heidi Meisterling



Robert Ford, Col. USAF




Dave “Rum” Morgan, Col, USAF


Financial Committee Chairman


Arnold Stocker, DNP

Lt. Col. USAFR


Cedric Stark

Lt. Col USAF


Todd Bolger, Lt. Col, USAF




Greg Lowdermilk, Capt. USAF (retired)

Vice Chair


Michael Again


Kenneth “KP” Price, CMSgt, USAF


Liaison to ARA


Wade Koch, USAF



Julio Lopez Jr., Col. USAF



Cathleen Snow, Maj, USAFR

920TH  Rescue Wing


Josh Appel, MD. Maj. USAFR

USAF Flight Surgeon


Steven ‘Elroy’ Colby, Lt. Col. USAF


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