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Warfighter Art Collection

Principles of Warfare Series - NOW AVAILABLE!
This series outlines each of the nine principles of warfare through historical military leaders who have displayed these principles effectively in the field of duty.

Pioneers Series - NOW AVAILABLE!
This series outlines individuals with the vision and commitment to see the past risks to truly envision meaningful achievements and then bring that vision to fruition.

Warrior Technologies Series - NOW AVAILABE!
This series outlines weapon systems, aircraft, and defense mechanisms that have had a strong influence in the way we have defended our country in the past and present.

Commissioned Artwork
The artist will also consider commissioning artwork with your unique vision and support. For information regarding commissioning a piece please contact the artist via email or by phone number below. In addition to this all the above artwork may be customized to accommodate your style.

Artist Contact Information

Nic Dezinski
Graphic Artist
Pioneer Technologies Corporation
648 Anchors St, Ste 3B
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548


(Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force)